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moon star design
This bracelet uses the moon and stars as design elements, presenting a delicate and unique shape. Every detail reflects the craftsmanship, making the wearer feel as romantic as the twinkling stars in the night sky.
Light luxury niche style
The bracelet is inspired by light luxury and niche styles, highlighting its unique taste. Its design is both exquisite and individual, and is a symbol of fashionable taste.
Craftsmanship runs through the entire bracelet production process, never forgetting the original intention and pursuing the ultimate in quality. Each bracelet is carefully polished to present the most perfect details.
Materials and craftsmanship
S925 silver
The bracelet is made of carefully selected S925 silver material, which is forged with great craftsmanship and is not easily oxidized or allergic. This ensures that the bracelet maintains a sophisticated look while being gentler on the skin.
Comfortable to wear
The carefully designed bracelet fits the skin and is comfortable and skin-friendly, allowing the wearer to enjoy wearing it with peace of mind on any occasion. Whether it is daily life or special moments, it can show the perfect combination of comfort and fashion.
Use and care
To maintain the luster and appearance of your bracelet, it is recommended to avoid prolonged contact with water, chemicals, or strenuous exercise. When not wearing, it can be stored in a dry and ventilated place, away from high temperature and humidity.


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