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Product Description:
This bracelet is a sophisticated and stylish piece of jewelry that is loved for its simple design and high-quality materials. Made of high-quality 925 silver material, it ensures the durability and antioxidant properties of the bracelet, while also ensuring its friendliness to the skin.
Design Features:
The blue and white design adds a touch of energy and sparkle to the bracelet, making it even more eye-catching. The bracelet is made of alternating blue and white 925 silver beads. Each bead has been carefully polished to give it a soft luster and a charming light. The entire bracelet is of moderate length and can be worn alone or matched with other bracelets to show your unique personal style.
product details:
Material: 925 silver
Length: Standard bracelet length, suitable for most people to wear
Craftsmanship: Precision polished, showing smooth and soft touch and luster
This bracelet is suitable for various occasions, whether it is daily life, work or formal occasions such as dinner, it can show your elegance and taste. It is also a perfect gift choice to give to your lover, family or friends to express your care and blessings for them.


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