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Material: S925 silver, 18K gold plated
Durability: Good skin-friendliness, not easy to oxidize and fade
Design process: Ingenious craftsmanship, exquisite production
Decoration: Synthetic cubic zirconia accents
A detailed description
This bracelet is made of high-quality S925 silver material, and its surface is finely plated with 18K gold, ensuring that the bracelet not only shines brightly during the wearing process, but is also more durable. Exquisite craftsmanship means that each link is carefully polished and polished to ensure a smooth feel and not easy to scratch the skin.
The bracelet is embellished with synthetic cubic oxide diamonds, which adds a touch of bright color to the overall design, making this bracelet both elegant and fashionable. Synthetic cubic oxide diamonds have good wear resistance and corrosion resistance, ensuring that the bracelet will remain as shiny as new for a long time.
Kind tips
In order to maintain the luster and quality of the bracelet, please avoid contact with chemicals and sharp objects. At the same time, it can be placed in a dedicated jewelry box during storage to avoid friction with other jewelry.
This bracelet is the perfect combination of fashion and classic, not only suitable for daily wear, but also the highlight of special occasions. Choose this bracelet to show off your unique taste and style.


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